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                            Classification and technology of packing bags with nozzles

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                            By installing a low pressure polyethylene (HDPE) hard cap with a cap (usually a self-supporting bag), a bag with a mouth is formed. Packing bag with mouth in addition to advantages of bottles, barrels packaging can be conveniently opened and repeatedly sealing, packaging also has less material consumption, high level printing decoration, packaging, warehousing, transportation cost is low, waste treatment capacity and other advantages, known as environmentally friendly packaging. According to statistics, compared with the same capacity of bottles, barrels, packing bag with mouth of the raw material consumption can be reduced by more than 30%, packaging, storage and transportation costs fell more than 60%, the amount of garbage disposal is reduced by 5 times, these advantages have decided the packing bag with mouth will have extremely broad development prospects.

                            Classification of packing bags with nozzles

                            According to the different installation position of the hard mouth, the packing bag with the mouth can be divided into two types: an upright installation type and an inclined installation type. The upright mounting type packing bag with a mouth is the middle part of a hard mouth which is arranged on the top of the bag. The shape and function of the utility model are similar to that of the ordinary bottle packing, and the utility model is suitable for the liquid packaging with the capacity less than 1000ml. The inclined mouth type packing bag with a mouth is cut at an angle of 17~45 DEG in the upper left corner of the packing bag, and the hard mouth is arranged on the cutting surface, so that the axis of the mouth is at a certain angle from the axis of the bag. The shape and function of this packing bag are similar to those of ordinary rigid plastic barrels. It is suitable for liquid packaging with capacity over 500ml.

                            According to the shape of the plastic nozzle arranged on the packaging bag, the mouth packing bag can be divided into two types: a long mouth type and a short mouth type. Long mouth packing bags refer to the plastic mouths that are installed. Besides the rotary seal and the heat seal, there is a longer straw. When the long mouth is installed on the packing bag, the straw part can be inserted into the bag, so that the liquid in the bag can be conveniently absorbed by the consumer. Long mouth soft packing bag is generally suitable for liquid beverage packaging, such as jelly, fruit juice, tea beverage, etc., can also be used as a printing machine automatic extraction of ink packaging. Short mouth type packing bag means that the plastic mouth has only two parts, the sealing part of the screw mouth and the heat sealing part, and the packing material in the bag can be taken out by dumping or extruding. Short mouth type packaging bag can be widely used in liquid, granule, powder and other forms of packaging.

                            In addition, there are also some large mouth with the packaging bag, its maximum capacity has reached hundreds of liters, there is a big bag installed on the top, can be used as fruit juice, tomato sauce, edible oil, chemical products such as packaging and packaging before.


                            Application of packing bag with mouth

                            The mouth packing bag was born in Japan in the middle and late 80s of last century in Japan and Germany. In the middle and late 90s, it began to spread rapidly all over the world. At present, in Europe and the United States and Japan and other developed countries and regions, with the mouth of the packaging bag has been widely used. According to relevant Japanese data show that, 1998~2001 years, the Japanese market with an average annual growth rate of mouth packing bags more than 40%, in 2001 only long mouth type packaging bags demand reached 575 million. In our country, Taiwan province has been carrying out the garbage treatment fee by volume. It has greatly promoted the development of the packing bags with mouth. Besides the aerated drinks, all kinds of liquid products begin to use the packing bags with mouth.

                            China began in the last century, the late 90s into the packing bag with mouth, one of the most influential products when the number of Guangdong strong CiCi can suck jelly, it uses long mouth bags, beautifully printed, easy to use, quickly swept the country. At present, Lang, daily Bao, Jin Wa, Panpan, kiss and other 10 kinds of brands can suck jelly also use the packing bag with mouth. In addition, short mouth flexible packaging bags also entered the domestic market in 2000. The products listed include juice drinks, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, pepper, detergent, laundry detergent, hand washing liquid, etc.. These colorful packaging quickly accepted by the majority of users.

                            In the future, with mouth packing bags in China will have greater development. Such as washing powder, gasoline, oil, edible oil and many other products can be used such a large capacity solid packing bag with handle and mouth; northern winter market liquor sales season, long mouth type packing liquor if you use a capacity of 200 ~ 300ml, which is convenient for field staff drinking; special place is a famous scenic area so, the football stadium is also very suitable for the use of such packaging.


                            Development of related technologies

                            The development of the packing bag with mouth is closely related to the equipment and technology of independent bag making machine, automatic mouth filling sealing machine and automatic filling machine.

                            At present, Germany, Japan, Italy and other countries of the packaging machinery company can provide independent bag, bag machine, automatic mouth sealing machine, mouth packing bag, automatic filling machine and other complete sets of equipment.

                            The development trend of China's packaging machinery industry also followed the packing bag with mouth, now has a number of bag making equipment manufacturing enterprises launched a self-supporting bag making machine, and its main performance indicators have been close to the international level, and a large number of exports.

                            Our country with mouth packing bag filling machine also has a rapid development. Shantou Anping, East Guangdong and other manufacturers have launched a fully automatic independent bag liquid filling machine, and close to foreign technical level, there are some equipment exports. But because of the diversification of packaging and development of packing bag with mouth style, the urgent need to develop investment manufacturers of automation, high production efficiency of liquid, powdery and granular materials filling machine, especially the oblique mouth bag filling machine.

                            However, the development of automatic sealing machine in our country is relatively slow, and many soft packaging manufacturers and food enterprises still use simple manual sealing machine with plastic nozzle. 2001 Guangdong Zhongshan XINHONGYE Automation Industrial Co. Ltd developed NCA1601-30 type automatic packing bag with mouth sealing machine, great to meet the market demand.