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                            Comparison of domestic bag making machine with imported bag making machine

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                            With China's accession to the WTO, the plastic soft packaging industry is developing towards globalization. The improvement of the living standards of the domestic people has also brought about infinite opportunities for the plastic flexible packaging industry. Plastic soft packing and bag making machines also flourish.

                            Through the comparison of domestic bag making machine and imported bag making machine, this paper makes a new understanding and understanding of function, quality, price, pre sale and after-sales service.



                            The imported bag making machine is mainly based on single function. If it meets another variety, it can only be completed by another function equipment. And domestic bag making machine, combined with the needs of the domestic market, fully consider the specific circumstances of the user, adapt to the different needs of users, design and develop a machine, multi-function bag making machine.


                            Comparison of major functions

                            Domestic machine can process three side sealing, sealing, four side sealing, partial sealing bag, and can be made self-supporting bag, convex buckle zipper bags, no need to change the body, very convenient to use, is 3 to 4 times the import machine working ability, provincial venues, power saving, investment. In the processing of small convex buckle zipper bag function, domestic machine developed a set of positioning protection device, without cooling water, once discarded after debugging, the problem does not exist in the production process, unless it is a raw material.

                            Because of the diversification of the flexible packaging market, some users require that the design be sealed back, but the imported machine can not be finished by hand. It can only be cut by hand. It is not only manual, but also poor in quality. A new type of automatic cut off and edge removing device for automatic pattern design was developed in China. It not only guarantees the quality, but also works synchronously with the equipment and is easy to operate.

                            Nowadays, more and more pearl film and milk powder bags are used in the market, and it is unavoidable for the normal work to happen. The imported machines are the same. They affect the appearance and quality of the packaging. As a domestic machine feeding device solves the defect.

                            According to the actual situation of users, combined with the domestic soft packaging industry to medium and small enterprises based, some printing machine width limits the size of the bag. The domestic machine wants the users to think, and develops the upper and lower double discharging device, which brings the gospel to the small press. Only 1.2 meters before the printing machine to complete the task, now only 0.6 meters of printing machine can be completed, it is far behind the import machine.

                            A new generation of bag making machine, taking into account the number of female workers in the bag making workshop, is difficult to do the feeding work, thus developing an automatic feeding device, which is combined with the discharge part and is easy to operate, but the imported machine does not have this device.

                            Because of the different quality requirements, different equipment, different raw materials, and different process, it often results in uneven thickness of the film or the phenomenon of left tight and right loosening. A new generation of domestic machine according to the specific situation of domestic users, design a trimming device is arranged from various parts are expected traction, both double and single side trimming, make up the film the reason caused deviation and affect the quality of the problem. And imported machines can not do this, it can only work in good raw materials, the previous process qualified to normal work, once uneven thickness, tightness, import machines out of the bag must be deviation.

                            As the market for milk powder bags, soybean milk bags are in great demand, and require the middle sealing edge, then press two edges. A new generation of domestic machine according to market demand and design second vertical seal, and promptly solve the market demand, this is also imported machines do not have.

                            From the comparison of various functions above, the defects of imported machines are more, and this is also the pride and pride of the new generation of domestic machines.



                            China is a world power in the mechanical manufacturing industry, especially in Shanghai. The light industrial machinery has a long history, and has a very solid industrial base. Shanghai's products enjoy a high reputation both at home and abroad. In steel, heat treatment has gradually been perfect. Machining accuracy of machine parts, domestic machine is no worse than imported machine, and some places also surpass imported machine. All the mechanical operations replace the pendulum lever with the crankshaft to accommodate the noise caused by the high speed operation and increase the service life. The main parts are quenched and tempered to compensate for some deficiencies in the domestic steel and increase the mechanical strength. Parts are milled and treated to increase dimensional accuracy and beauty. The wall all through the surface treatment and hot spray, never allow scraping stick, so as to avoid the old paint.



                            The high price of imported machines, domestic machine is 5 to 8 times, and the functions of only domestic machine 1/4, small function is more poor, and after years of maintenance, replacement of parts after wear are not made easy. In terms of the return on investment of the equipment, the imported machine is a domestic machine, to "times". In other words, the domestic machine, if 2 years to recover investment, imports of confidential 10 to 16 years, according to the design of imported equipment, in the absence of the year when the imported machine has not been recovered, many parts have reached the scrap period. If you continue to use, you can only invest a lot of money to replace the configuration, so that the investment recovery in the foreseeable future. This comparison, this account, I believe we will count.


                            Pre sale and after-sales service

                            Imported machines have no prior service. And domestic manufacturers in order to make the user's staff, according to the specific production of the user, it is recommended that users choose reasonable models, with the least investment to maximize benefits.

                            Domestic manufacturers attach great importance to the new concept of pre-sales services, only the innate perfect to the day after tomorrow, less maintenance. Pre-sale service and customer service service such as disease prevention and treatment, early prevention, prevention only, can I disease, less sick. After-sales service is a passive behavior, only in pre-market service perfect basis, to do after-sales service.

                            In after-sales service, the replacement of consumable parts, domestic machine is much more convenient than imported machine. In terms of technology, domestic manufacturers not only make conventional bag making machines, but also customize special bag making machines according to the needs of users. These are incomparable to imported machines.

                            From this point of view, the gap between domestic and imported machines is gradually decreasing, and some areas have even exceeded the imported machines. Domestic machine will promote national industry to make greater contributions.