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                            Shantou Golden Gulf Package Machinery Co.,ltd

                            Founded in 1997, is a high-tech enterprises , private technology enterprises in Guangdong Province in the country, is a large-scale professional production of packaging machinery company, a set of scientific research, production, sales and service of a superior product innovation concept, strong R & D strength and rigorous full quality management consciousness, also has many technical personnel, process design product experts, advanced detection methods and their research and development center.

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                            Widely used in medicine, chemicals, pesticide food, spices, cosmetics, seeds and other fields

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                            Always pursue the quality first,customer first service purposes!

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                            Comparison of domestic bag making machine with imported bag making machine
                            With China's accession to the WTO, the plastic soft packaging industry is developing towards globalization. The improvement of the living standards of the domestic people has also brought about infinite opportunities for the plastic flexible packaging industry. Plastic soft pac...